24/7 antiviral and antibacterial touchscreen protector.

Kastus® 24/7 antiviral and antibacterial touchscreen protectors provide enhanced protection for touchscreens, helping to protect the screens and devices consumers and staff use every day.

The world has changed

The pandemic outbreak has changed the world’s attitude towards hygiene and touch surfaces. Consumers and staff are looking for hassle-free solutions to better protect the screens they interact with against germs and with no compromise on performance.

Did you know, coronavirus can live on hard
surfaces for up to 28 days?

It’s no wonder 70% of consumers are concerned about using public surfaces. *


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Kastus’ antiviral and antibacterial touchscreen protector delivers 24/7 protection against both bacteria and viruses, including human coronavirus.

Kastus’ New screen protectors are proven to be effective against Human Coronavirus and surface bacteria and are a hassle free way to add enhanced protection for touchscreen devices in your business. We’ve applied our patented 24/7 antimicrobial and antiviral coating to crystal clear, shatterproof screen protectors. Each Screen protector is scientifically proven to block up to 99.99 percent of harmful bacteria giving businesses and consumers a higher level of safety in shared touch screen environments. Kastus’ Antimicrobial and Antiviral Screen protectors are easy to install and can be retrofitted to existing screens across many devices including: Touchscreen Displays, Touchscreen Kiosks, Commercial Tablet Devices, Self Service Screens. Our customers span across many sectors including elevators and lifts, banking, healthcare, hospitality, education, travel, retail and many more.


The Antimicrobial and Antiviral coating technology that does it all


Effective against Human Coronavirus

Independently proven to be effective against human Coronavirus and common viruses on treated surfaces

Antimicrobial Protection

Protection against up to 99.99% of harmful bacteria such as SA. and E.coil.

Environmentally friendly

Independently proven to be Non-Leaching

Natural light activated

Activated by natural light Indoors and out – not reliant on UV light

Durable protection

24/7 activation designed to last the lifecycle of the product

Our Partners

"The world has changed to an era of the ‘new normal’ and we are now delighted to offer our clients a unique solution to help their customers feel more secure when engaging with touch screens. By offering such an upgrade as standard across our product line, we feel this is an ideal way to address our clients’ needs and to help differentiate product offerings within our brand."

– Logan Hur (CEO) - InfiCraft



Read up on our latest news and guides

Moving Your Business Online: Here's What To Consider

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* Research conducted by Trend Monitor in December 2019, with a Representative sample of 1000 UK consumers

Study published (12.10.2020) by Australia’s national science agency (CSIRO), researchers found that human coronavirus is ‘extremely robust’ and can remain infectious on surfaces for up to 28 days.